What is Experience Marketing?

What is Experience Marketing? To a large extent, we are the sum of our experiences. The things that we've seen, heard, said and done, whether trivial or impactful, inform our personality, our thought patterns, and our attitude. They also form the basis for all types of relationships: positive ones, negative ones, and each one that falls somewhere in the middle. Experiences can be powerful. Experiences can be life-changing. Experiences matter. What about the relationship between a consumer and a brand? That matters too. Companies are increasingly looking to win the marketing battle against...

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Why Are Pop-Up Shops Successful?

We live in the Age of Paradox: at once inundated with a constant flood of digital information, and at the same time increasingly driven to disconnect from others, consumers are constantly on the hunt for organic, authentic, and meaningful experiences.  Moreover, in more practical terms shopping behaviors have slowly migrated away from the traditional brick and mortar paradigm. The advent of e-commerce has afforded customers with more convenience than would have been imaginable some 20 years ago; and yet, the average consumer has a perpetual thirst for connecting with a brand's mission,...

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What is Experiential Marketing?

Shoppers want to believe in your brand. But, can they trust your brand? People are skeptical of traditional and digital advertising that encompasses all advertising mediums. These ads are designed to inform—let shoppers know of an upcoming sale, or persuade, convince people to buy your brand. Consumers may take advantage of the sale. They may even remember your ad for the 30 seconds it is in front of them. But, will they connect with your brand and become loyal customers? Loyalty is based on trust—a feeling based on positive emotional experiences. If you want loyal customers, your brand...

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